About Yael Wolfe

I’m the Big, Bad Wolf

Or at least I’m trying to be…

Hello and welcome to my magical little forest. I’m so glad to have you join me.

About Me

My name is Yael and in my forties, I’m finally trying to unearth the wild wolf that lives within me. Like a good little girl, I hid her away most of my life, trying so hard to follow conventional paths.

But those efforts got me nowhere. Just before I turned 40, the man that I thought was my life partner left me for a woman half my age. My entire world crumbled in just one moment.

Though many people might consider that a terrible, heartbreaking loss (and at the time, it was), I’ve come to discover that it was the best thing that could have happened to me. Because his departure set me free.

I was finally able to break out of my cage and discover who I was, on my own terms — as a woman and as a sexual being. And it’s been an incredible journey of self-discovery.

I’ve been here on Medium since June 2019, sharing my stories and evolving through my practice of writing. Each piece is one more step toward wholeness.

Medium Highlights


In my column Howl, I explore sexuality — particularly how female sexuality is evolving and how women are insisting on their own sexual liberation. You can find the current archive here.


I started this publication with the intention of it being my only one. I wanted to fill it with musings on nature, female sexuality, creativity, and spirituality. It’s a place for people to reconnect with their wild souls.


It didn’t take me long to realize I had a lot more to say than what would fit in Wilder. I realized I was healing myself through my writing — that I needed to “speak until I’m free,” after a lifetime of feeling silenced in this world. From there, Liberty was born, a place for me to share my feelings and experiences with feminism, politics, family life, and more.

Please note that these publications are currently a home for my own work. I’m not taking submissions from other writers at this time. Thank you!

Current Projects

Audio Collections

I love to create audio content and to that end, I often record Medium essays with additional commentary that isn’t available anywhere else. You can find these on my website.

The Silver Lantern

As a storyteller, I’m interested in various methods of creating a good story. Though I love writing as a medium more than anything, I am also passionate about videography and telling stories through film. I’ve created a YouTube channel that allows me to do just that, telling stories and sharing my life with others. It is my hope that this project brings more beauty into the world and creates a safe space where people can take a moment to relax and feel at peace.


Though I force myself to make appearances in my own videos, I actually don’t like being in front of the camera. I much prefer to be behind it. I’ve been practicing the art of photography since I was 14 years old. Today, I love to explore my creativity and sexuality through sensual self-portraits and nature photography. Currently, I have a limited edition of small prints called Rising in which I explore the ever-optimistic nature of female sexuality. I also offer a signed hardback copy of the entire collection.

My Personal Life

In the past five years, all on my own, I have bought a house, paid off my student loan, become my own husband, and quit my day job in order to pursue my freelance career. It has been a difficult time, but I’m incredibly proud of what I have accomplished and how far I’ve come since those days following my ex’s departure, when I cried myself to sleep.

I found my way all by myself.

I live in the western United States, just on the edge of the high desert forests filled with junipers and sage. I love to take walks in the woods and to spend time watching and photographing wild animals.

I don’t have children of my own, but I’m a proud auntie who has twelve nieces and nephews and one grand-niece.

All in all, I feel extremely blessed in this life.

Six Things that Might Surprise You About Me

1. I hate coffee. (And alcohol.)

2. I have four middle names.

3. I went to 19 different schools before college.

4. I’ve written 6 novels (though I never published them).

5. I can count to ten in Danish (and say “I love you,” and “I come from America” — two very important statements) and know quite a bit of Welsh.

6. Though I have a master’s degree, I never graduated from high school.

Work with Me

I have over ten years of experience in editing and ghostwriting. I also have experience writing:

  • resumes
  • book proposals
  • agent queries
  • blog posts

If you’re interested, drop me a line at welcome[at]yaelwolfe[dot]com.

Where You Can Find More of Me

My Website

You’ll find additional information, products, and occasional blog posts over at yaelwolfe.com.

Yael Wolfe on YouTube

Here, I share mostly updates and casual videos for my readers.

The Silver Lantern on YouTube

Here, you’ll find my more artistic videos.


I love posting my photography here and sharing mini updates about what’s going on in my world.


Here, I share little snippets from my life, links to articles that inspire me, a very occasional nude (about twice a year…just to manage your expectations), and random political commentary. I’m also really good at wasting time while “Twirting.”


I often post goals here to help me buy equipment for my projects and I particularly love Ko-fi because they don’t take a cut of my contributions. Feel free to drop something in my tip jar — and thank you in advance!


I publish a newsletter 2–4 times a month and share my latest projects, peeks into my life, and free links to my Medium articles.


Yes, you are absolutely free to email me with kind words, questions, or invitations to podcasts or other such interactions. However, I am not interested in invitations for romantic or sexual encounters. This is a work email — please treat it as such. You can use welcome[at]yaelwolfe[dot]com or the contact page on my website.

My Top 5 Stories

Why Women in Their 40s Are Sex Goddesses
The Bad Influence, 26K views

How to Master Dirty Talk When You Can’t Talk Dirty
Sexography, 24K views

What It Means When a Woman Says She Has a High Sex Drive
Sexography, 23K views

My Sexual Bucket List
Sexography, 21K views

What Sexually Frustrated Men Need to Understand About Their Partners
Candour, 21K views

Five of My Favorite Stories

(Do you know how hard it is to only pick five?!)

She Wants It
Sexography, 2.8K views

The Love Song of a Heartbeat
P.S. I Love You, 1.2K views

Body of a Woman
Liberty, 5.8K

Trying to Find Myself on Day 31 of Quarantine
Wilder, 621 views

I’m Getting Naked for My Art
The Bad Influence, 2K views

You can check out my collection of favorite stories from 2019 here and download the audio bonus material. (Just a friendly warning, this link will take you to a page that is just a tad NSFW.)

Thanks for hanging out in my woodland. I’m so glad you’re here.

© Yael Wolfe 2020

I just want to be a big, bad wolf. | Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/gleDcD | Email: welcome@yaelwolfe.com

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